CSAA Scholarships 2016-2017

Each year NASIMCO awards scholarships to students for Community Service and Academic Achievement (CSAA). The awards aim to encourage the youth of North American communities to excel in their academic achievements and also to reward them for their voluntary services in their respective communities. 

CSAA Scholarship Poster 2016 2017 s

"This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to pursue the degree of my dreams, while reminding me of the importance of maintaining a strong, meaningful connection to my community. As a student, it's easy to become busy and overwhelmed with work and extracurricular activities. I believe the NASIMCO CSAA Scholarship encourages us to stay connected and to keep giving back during some of the most demanding — yet, best — years of our lives." -
CSAA Scholarship Recipient 2015

This year, the following NINE scholarships are available:

  • Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation Scholarship - US $2,000
  • Marhum Sultan Davdani Scholarship - US $2,000
  • Marhum Mohamedali Kanji Memorial Scholarship - US $1,000
  • Marhuma Sajeda Karim-Alidina Memorial Scholarship - US $1,000
  • Imam Hussain Islamic Center of Minnesota Scholarship - US $1,000
  • Haj Hussein Rajabali Bhimani Memorial Scholarship - US $1,000
  • Marhum Abbas Alloo Scholarship - US $1,000
  • ISIJ of Toronto Scholarship - US $1,000
  • Write 2 Read Foundation Scholarship - US $1,000

Download the application form here.