1. The President shall be the chairperson of all Executive Council meetings and Conferences. In his/her absence the Vice-President shall assume the chair.

  2. The President shall manage the Secretariat established by the Conference.

  3. The President shall coordinate the implementation of the decisions or directives resulting from the Conference.

  4. The Vice-President shall be the liaison with all non-constituent organizations.

  5. The Honorary Secretary shall
    1. Prepare the agenda and notification of all meetings in consultation with the President;
    2. Record and maintain minutes;

    3. Maintain and update annually the membership records;
    4. Attend to and maintain correspondences; and
    5. Serve as the Parliamentarian
  6. The Honorary Treasurer shall
    1. Be responsible for all financial transactions of NASIMCO and maintain full and proper financial records;

    2. Forthwith deposit all NASIMCO monies with the bankers, as directed by the Executive Council;
    3. Collect subscriptions from constituent members;

    4. Prepare an annual budget for the ensuing year for approval by the Executive Council and the Conference;
    5. Present interim financial statements on a quarterly basis, and within forty-five days of the closing of the quarter, to the Executive Council, and shall submit the same for inspection of the Conference as and when required;

    6. Sign all checks and all other financial documents and shall present for counter signature to the President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President; and

    7. Present at the Conference audited accounts comprising income and expense statement, balance sheet and supporting notes thereof for the year ending December thirty-first; and

    8. Install and implement internal control and procedures of all financial records of NASIMCO.