Get involved in a way that suits you today.  

Help organize events, coordinate social media campaigns or fundraise for relief projects. 

NASIMCO is committed to creating a meaningful volunteer opportunity that aligns with your skills and interests.

Please get in touch with us at secretariat@nasimco.org to start volunteering with NASIMCO. 

Working together, we can make a positive difference.


NASIMCO has a fact-finding team on the ground currently surveying needs. The emergency aid we will purchase and distribute locally will include propane gas cylinders for cooking, water for consumption, kerosene oil and heaters, blankets, school supplies, sports equipment, refrigerators, utensils, carpets, clothes, baby formula, medicine and food packages with non-perishable rations.

Volunteers will be spending 5 days in Damascus, Syria. If you wish to join the team, please send your current Canadian passport to communications@nasimco.org along with a brief statement as to why you wish to volunteer with NASIMCO in Syria. 

Please be advised that volunteers will be personally distributing this aid and should be able to carry 25lbs.  Your Canadian passport needs to be valid until at least October 2018 to participate. Please note, this opportunity is only open to Canadian passport holders that live in Canada. 

In addition to spending 5 days in Damascus, volunteers will also have the opportunity to spend 2, 6 or 11 nights in Iraq for Ziyarat to the Holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf. 

If you would like to know about this opportunity, please contact the Secretariat by phone at 905 763 7512.

The cost for the base package is $2690* USD, this includes 5 days in Syria and 2 days in Najaf.

*Subject to change