Islamic calendar

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017. The celebrations and festivities also come at a time when “Islamophobia” from the general public is at an all-time high due to recent events from around the world. At a time of unprecedented political, economic and social division, NASIMCO encourages its members to participate in an effort to demonstrate our pride as Canadian Muslims.

The NASIMCO Canada 150 Campaign is an integral part of NASIMCO’s mission to harness talent and resources available in member communities for the greater good of global humanity and our communities.

NASIMCO is working in partnership with Canadian-Muslim Vote to coordinate flag raising ceremonies across Canada.

NASIMCO CANADA 150 is a nationwide effort made up of three core initiatives.


  1. Flag Campaign: Raise a Canadian flag at your mosque or institution.
  2. Nominate a Community Builder: NASIMCO is accepting nominations for outstanding individuals for their contributions to their mainstream communities.
  3. NASIMCO Communities building community: NASIMCO is encouraging member Jamaats to take their membership out to volunteer in a local service agency. NASIMCO will be recognizing the best initiatives.