Poverty in Syria by the Numbers

7 million

children in Syria suffer from hunger


of children in Syria live in poverty


of children in Syria do not have access to education

This March, the Ladies Nudba Group in Toronto will be volunteering with NASIMCO to go to Damascus, Syria. They will buy aid locally, including food, medicine, and educational supplies. Our volunteers will distribute this with their own hands to orphans, widows and needy families and will be going to Syria at their own expense. 

We can all be part of this important journey by donating generously. Every dollar will help our volunteers buy supplies and help those who are really in need. For the same price as a cup of coffee; you can make a big difference in someone's life. 

All aid will be distributed in the Syeda Zainab area. This trip will not only provide immediate relief but will also have the added benefit of supporting the local economy. NASIMCO realizes the shopkeepers in Damascus also have families to feed and together, we can also help rebuild the shattered economy.

In the name of the young orphan, Bibi Sakina, (Sayeda Roqayya), who was martyred in Damascus, let us help those orphans who are in need today in the same land which is blessed by her and Sayeda Zainab (AS).