Syria Humanitarian Relief

Defend your faith (in Allah) with the help of charity. Protect your wealth with the aid of Zakat. Let the prayers guard you from calamities and disasters. - Imam Ali (a.s.), Nahjul Balagha.

A brutal conflict has wreaked havoc on Syria and the surrounding region, leaving millions uprooted, traumatized and suffering in its wake. Entire swaths of the country have been destroyed, and according to UNHCR, an estimated 220,000 Syrians have been killed, and nearly 12 million others have been displaced within Syria and abroad. Today, there are over four million Syrians forced to flee their country into the neighboring countries, there is still no end in sight.

Countless families have been torn apart leaving many children to survive alone, separated from their parents and without care. Children of all ages have suffered severe physical injury and psychological trauma from living in the midst of war. Childhood dreams have been replaced with disturbing memories of the horror these children have experienced, such as the abuse and brutal killings of family and friends.

In 2016, NASIMCO ran an emergency appeal to provide humanitarian relief to the Syrian refugees.