Leadership Development Program

The primary aim of the Leadership Develop Program is to develop leadership capacity across Muslim communities in North America.

The overall goal for the Leadership Development (LDP) program is for individuals and leaders to achieve personal growth. This is achieved by enhancing their values and creating greater alignment between self, social relationships and the community.

It incorporates 18 values that are experienced by the participants through discussions, role play and reflection to enrich the learning experience. One of the cardinal rule of the program is to provide a confidential, trusting and supportive environment where participants explore and become aware of their current state in their leadership journey.

The LDP allows participants to realize their own leadership styles and to enhance and evolve their skills to ensure more productive and efficient working methods. The course aims to build leaders that contribute to the common good of Muslim communities as well as the broader society. The educational principles underpinning the programs use adult learning theory and require participants to fully and actively engage in the process of learning.

Click below for the LDP that took place in Toronto in April 2017.






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