Faith Empowerment (CIL)

The Centre of Islamic Learning 

Recognizing the need to facilitate and coordinate Islamic Learning programs through multiple channels, NASIMCO has formed the Center of Islamic Learning (CIL).

CIL Mission is to enhance NASIMCO Faith Empowerment Platform by enabling a nurturing environment, offering holistic Islamic learning that is contemporary, relevant, sensitive to the times so as to nurture critical thinkers and engaged citizens who will have sound reasoning and hence deep conviction of their faith capable of representing the School of Ahlul Bait AS in an exemplary manner

CIL’s mandate is to work closely with NASIMCO Members to enable and facilitate Islamic Learning at all levels in the Community. The word “learning” in the title very much signifies the ethos of CIL. Traditional knowledge delivery focuses on teaching not learning, assuming that for every ounce of teaching there is an ounce of learning by those who are taught. Experts now believe that most of what we learn before, during, and after attending schools is learned without its being taught to us[1]. The approach, which CIL has been engaging in will continue to be ‘androgogical’ as opposed ‘pedagogical,’ offering an adult learning experience in all its endeavours.


Scope and Services

1) Madaris Empowerment 

CIL Offers three distinct programs to expose teachers to a student-centered philosophy. which promotes students to be active participants in the classroom. The courses are designed to empower teachers to learn skills and tools to better manage a classroom and create effective lessons using the understanding of multiple intelligences.

  1. Teacher Skills and Tools Program
  2. Neuropsychology of Learning Program
  3. Tarbiya Curriculum Training

2) Mimber Enhancement  

CIL vision is to enhance mimber experience by way of :

Holding Faith Empowerment Symposia and Retreats

  1. Developing a Speakers Forum Database to enable Scholars to share content and research    
  2. Work closely with the LDP team to develop Capacity of Reciters and Preacher

3)  Academic Engagement

  • Supporting Chaplaincy Units in North American Universities
  • Encouraging Students to take up Post Graduate Islamic Studies in North American Universities and supporting them in their research
  • Liaise with Institutes of Higher Education Convene academic conferences on specific religious subjects and publish academic papers.  
  • Retreats Facilitate intellectual for enhancing religious knowledge

4) Interfaith and Intra Faith Activities

  • Supporting and enabling members and grassroots efforts in Interfaith and Interfaith Activities  

5) Institutional Development

  • Enabling the creation of a Research Institute for religious guidance
  • Enabling Creation of Resource Centers across North America

Team Composition

CIL is  headed by Dr Hasnain Walji  supported by:

  • Team Lead for Madaris – Salma Jaffer & Sophia Dewji
  • Team Lead for Minber Enhancement – Kadhim Mehdi
  • Team Lead for Academic Engagement – Hasnain Walji
  • Team Lead for Interfaith and Intra Faith Activities – Shabnam Dewji
  • Team Leads for Institutional Development : To be Appointed

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Faith Empowerment Symposium Report, Vancouver 2016