1. Each eligible delegate present at the Conference shall be entitled to one vote.

  2. All election votes in contested offices shall be by secret ballot, unless there is unanimous consent of the delegates present.
    1. If there are more than two candidates contesting an office, and if no candidate receives more than fifty percent of the vote, the two highest vote recipients shall contest the office again.

    2. In the event of a tie vote, the position shall again be contested until the tie is broken.
  3. Candidates for office must be members in current standing of one of the constituent members.

  4. The President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall not hold concurrent elected office with a constituent member.

  5. The candidate for President must be nominated by a constituent member and the candidate must submit his or her nomination in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least forty-five days before the date of the election. If at least one nomination is received forty-five days before the date of the election, then all further nominations shall be closed.

  6. The Honorary Secretary shall notify the constituent members of all nominations received at least thirty days before the date of the election.

  7. If no nomination(s) are received by the prescribed dates, the Honorary Secretary shall so notify the constituent members and the election of the President, along with other offices, shall be held at the Conference from amongst eligible candidates present.

  8. Eligible candidates for elective office must be present but need not be delegates at the Conference.

  9. At a Conference where the Executive Council is elected, the election shall be the last item of agenda. Before an election is exercised, the delegates shall elect amongst themselves an Election Chairperson. Upon election of the Election Chairperson the Executive Council's term shall be deemed to have expired, including that of all committees appointed during such term. Upon election of the succeeding Executive Council the new officers shall assume office and the position of the Election Chairperson shall be deemed expired for that Conference.

  10. The Election Chairperson shall
    1. Be a delegate;
    2. Neither be holding NASIMCO office nor contesting any;

    3. Conduct the election in a fair and impartial manner; and

    4. Not cast any election ballot.
  11. Where NASIMCO is affiliated with another organization NASIMCO shall cast eligible votes for the presidency of the affiliated organization, if contested by at least two candidates, based on the ballots of eligible constituent votes and Executive Council.
    1. In such an event the Honorary Secretary shall notify the constituent members of the candidates and seek written ballots (postal, fax, electronic) at least thirty days, or earlier if applicable, before NASIMCO's votes are due.
    2. The Honorary Secretary shall make proportional representation of NASIMCO 's votes based on ballots received from the constituent members, and shall notify the constituent members within fifteen days of the results thereto.
  12. Where NASIMCO is affiliated with another organization and the majority of the Executive Council deems a matter significant in order to cast NASIMCO's votes in the said deliberation, then NASIMCO shall cast its votes based on the procedure in Article 10(11).