1. A member of the Executive Council shall vacate his/her office if
    1. He/She resigns;

    2. He/She is convicted of a felony or an indictable offence;

    3. He/She ceases to be Shia Ithna-Asheri; or

    4. He/She fails, without good and sufficient cause, to attend three consecutive meetings.
  2. If the office of the President becomes vacant the Vice-President shall fill it for the remainder of the term.

  3. Any other office becoming vacant shall be filled by a nomination by any Executive Council member and approved by a majority of the Executive Council.

  4. The Executive Council shall consider to have been dissolved if
    1. The President and Vice-President both resign effective concurrently;

    2. At least two-thirds of the Executive Council resigns; or

    3. An Extraordinary Conference is convened, as per Article 7 (5)(a)(ii), expressly for the purpose of dissolving the Executive Council and a majority of the delegates present, and representing at least one-third of the number of constituent members, at such a Conference vote on a resolution to that effect.
  5. If the Executive Council has dissolved as per Article 12 (4) the Honorary Secretary shall so notify the constituent members and convene an Extraordinary Conference for the purpose of electing a new Executive Council.

  6. If at a Conference or Extraordinary Conference an Executive Council cannot be formed, then the delegates present shall form a Caretaker Committee to manage NASIMCO until the next Conference (scheduled in the second quarter of every calendar year) or as directed by the Conference, whichever is earlier.

  7. If the Executive Council is dissolved mid-term, the succeeding Executive Council shall have a term that is a remainder of the previous Executive Council's tenure. In such a case this abbreviated term shall not be considered a full term.