1. Shia Ithna-Asheri communities established in Canada, the Caribbean countries and the United States may apply for membership.

  2. For purpose of this clause membership shall be defined as those organizations established as religious, non-profit organizations, as recognized by the applicable local law and so registered with the local governmental bodies.

  3. Such organizations, as defined in Article 4 (2), may apply for membership to the Honorary Secretary of NASIMCO. The applicant shall provide the Honorary Secretary with the following documents:
    1. A copy of the member's by-laws;
    2. Appropriate legal registration and charter documents;
    3. Roster of officers; and

    4. List of members.
    5. A copy of the most current approved financial statement.
  4. The Honorary Secretary shall present the application at the next Conference with the Executive Council's recommendation to the Conference to accept or deny the application. The Conference shall decide on a simple majority of the delegates present. The Conference may in its absolute discretion accept or refuse any such application.
  5. An organization whose membership application is accepted shall become a member effective at the conclusion of the Conference and upon receipt of the subscription.

  6. An organization whose membership application is denied membership may reapply after a wait of at least two years from the date of last application.

  7. NASIMCO shall affiliate with a parent organization(s) of regional bodies having similar aims.

  8. A current constituent member who at the time of this adoption of this amended constitution is not considered a membership-based organization with an elected executive from among the membership shall have ninety days upon notification by the Secretary to amend its charter to comply with providing the documents stated in Article 4 (3). Failure to comply will result in this constituent member being deemed as a member under the first tier as stated in Article 5 (6)(a).