1. NASIMCO shall act through the instrumentality of the Conference and the Executive Council.

  2. The Conference shall establish a Secretariat at a place of its determination

  3. NASIMCO shall have the power at its Conference to make rules and regulations by a simple majority, unless expressly stated otherwise in this constitution. These rules and regulations shall be binding upon constituent members, provided that such actions are not contrary to the aims and objectives stated in Article 4 and contrary to the Shia Ithna-Asheri sharia.

  4. The Conference shall have the power to amend the constitution by a majority of at least two-thirds of the delegates present and representing at least one-third of the number of constituent members. However the constitution may only be amended or replaced upon a motion by the Executive Council or a written request from a member to the Honorary Secretary at least ninety days prior to a Conference and that this matter is expressly placed on the agenda. No amendment, repeal or replacement of the constitution shall be entertained under any other item of agenda.

  5. The Conference shall have the power to confirm, reverse, alter and defer decisions of the Executive Council and any committees or sub-committees, as well as its own previous decisions.

  6. The Conference shall have the power with a two-thirds majority of the delegates present to reprimand, suspend or dismiss a member, after granting a hearing to such a member, for a cause deemed detrimental to the aims and objectives stated in Article 3. The hearing will be at the Conference by a representative of the member under due consideration and will avail the member an opportunity to defend the cause for such action, if it so chooses.

  7. The Conference and/or the Executive Council shall have the power to appoint ad hoc Advisory committees to study and recommend policies and actions that will advance the aims and objectives of NASIMCO.