Earthquake in Mexico & Hurricane Maria – Official Statement

NASIMCO is deeply concerned by the loss of life and damage caused by Hurricane Maria, which has devastated Puerto Rico, Dominica and the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix.  We are also deeply concerned about the series of earthquakes that have affected Mexico, where the death toll continues to rise.
Our prayers are with those trapped in the rubble and with the millions of people facing floods, power outages, and dangerously strong winds.  Our thoughts are also with the families of the 22 school children whose bodies were retrieved from their collapsed elementary school and to all those whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed or adversely affected by these terrible calamities.
We would also like to convey our gratitude to the thousands of soldiers, college students and rescuers working on the earthquake rescue effort in Mexico and those assisting with emergency shelters at this very challenging time in Dominica and Puerto Rico.