School Fees

Education by the Numbers


of the worlds out of school children live in Africa


of aid was allocated to education & this figure is dropping steadily


Each extra year of schooling increases an individuals earnings by 10% 


Poverty would be cut by 66% in sub Saharan Africa if adults attended secondary education.

NASIMCO is providing monthly financial and social assistance to 50 sponsorship students at WIPAHS in Tanzania. Your support will help these 50 children go to school who otherwise would not have the opportunity as their parents cannot afford to cover their school fees.

Your donation of $100 US per child per month will pay for school fees, books, and uniforms.  A $1000 donation would cover their education for a 10-month school year.  This is a merit-based subsidy and your funds will be awarded to students who are bright and needy and in need of help to continue their studies.

WIPAHS is a locally registered non-profit organization.  Founded in 1998, the organization strives to eliminate poverty and reduce social crises through education projects.

WIPAHS and NASIMCO believe education is the most important lever for the development of people.