Sponsoring orphans in Iraq

Poverty in Iraq by the Numbers

<> 30%

of Iraqi children under age 5 suffer from food deprivation

<> 25%

of children in Iraq live in poverty

<> 33%

of children in Iraq do not have access to education

Currently, NASIMCO is sponsoring 615 orphans in Iraq in partnership with Al Ayn Social Care Foundation.  Al Ayn is under the supervision of Ayatullah Seestani. 

Al Ayn Social Care Foundation is responsible for ensuring all financial and emotional needs of orphans are met to the best of their ability.  The orphanage covers education, medical and financial assistance for orphans.  Al Ayn Social Care Foundation began in Baghdad and has since extended its support to cover south Iraq and various Iraqi cities including Mosul, Kirkuk, Salaheddine and Diyala. 

The number of orphans increased in thousands and are still quickly increasing.  With your generous donation of $65 USD per month (approx $88 CDN), you can support one orphan and make a tremendous difference in their life.