Ramadhan Relief in Canada and Internationally

As the blessed month of Ramadhan has begun, you sleep comfortably knowing that the shopping has been done and our pantries are full to break our fast with ease. As the hunger hits us during the day, we begin to appreciate the privilege of having an abundant amount of food on the table when the sun has set and the time has come to break our fast.

Today, for the people in Africa or North America, the never-ending struggle continues as they are unable to cope with the economic difficulties which does not allow for them to prepare for this special holy month.

NASIMCO’s Ramadhan Relief Fund works to help struggling families as these by providing them with staple food rations to make the Holy month of Ramadhan a little easier. Your donation assists families who desperately need relief from the hardship of their lives.

Although any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated, this year the cost per family of 4 is CAD $40.00 or USD $30.00. This year NASIMCO has set a goal to help feed 1,000 families this Ramadhan.


By donating to NASIMCO’s Ramadhan Relief Campaign, you are helping donate food baskets to 5 different organizations.

In North America, we are helping feed the hungry through:

1   Ramadhan Campaign Against Hunger in Toronto, Canada

2   Islamic Family and Social Services Association in Edmonton, Canada

3   Hadi Clinic in Minneapolis, USA.


Internationally, we are feeding the hungry through:

4   Bilal Muslim Mission in Kenya

5   Zanzibar International Development Organization in Zanzibar

Internationally, each food aid package contains:

25 kg of rice

5 kg each of sugar

5 kg beans

5 kg flour

2 kg of noodles

4 liters of cooking oil






“Using funds given to us by NASIMCO, we have distributed groceries in the most remote areas of the island like Tumbatu and Uzi islands where the needy are often forgotten because the villages are not easily accessible. For the first time, we have reached Pemba island where there are more families in need.  In addition to distribution of sacks of groceries we go ‘door-to-door’ to hand out packages on a daily basis.”