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SECTION A: General Guidelines

  • The NASIMCO Secretariat is not duty bound to send death announcements when the criteria under Section B are not met.
  • The NASIMCO Secretariat is not duty bound to actively look for death information.
  • Only specific requests for death announcements to go out will be considered. Forwarded emails or emails received as part of an emailing list or group are not eligible for consideration.
  • Requests and information should be submitted in writing to the Secretariat via email or the form on the NASIMCO website.
  • The NASIMCO Secretariat will make all possible endeavors to ensure that the death announcement is sent out as soon as possible once the criteria have been met. However, a period of three days should be allowed to the Secretariat to send the message.
  • The latest time for a request to be made, if all the required information is received, is within three days of the burial date. Requests made after this date will not be considered.
  • A second email either correcting information provided initially or providing more information will NOT be sent out unless a major error has been made on part of the Secretariat.
  • NASIMCO will not take any responsibility for the information provided.

SECTION B: Criteria for Death Announcements

i) Deaths in North America

  • The Secretariat must receive a special request to send out the announcement
  • The full name of the deceased must be provided
  • The date of death must be provided
  • The place of death must be provided
  • The names of the deceased person’s close relatives in North America must be provided
  • The name of the person submitting the information must be provided and will be included in the email that is sent out.
  • An email address for condolence messages, the deceased person’s place of residence, place of origin and/or place of burial will also be included in the email message if they are submitted. However, these are not necessary

ii) Deaths outside of North America

  • For deaths that occur outside of North America, all the above criteria MUST be met and in addition, the deceased MUST have close relatives in North America, whose relationship information must be provided and will be included in the announcement.

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