Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining NASIMCO.

As an introduction, NASIMCO is an umbrella organization for the Shia Islamic Centers in North America. Its mission is to provide a common structure and framework to meet the religious, cultural and social needs of the Shias within North America.

The membership application process starts with a formal letter of intent from the Center applying for membership to the Secretary General of NASIMCO. In this letter of intent you will mention your organizations desire to join NASIMCO as its member and specifying your
expectations as a member of NASIMCO.

You, the applying Jamaat will complete and provide the following:

  • Membership Eligibility Criteria
  • Membership Application Form – Fully Completed
  • Supporting Documents (refer to the document checklist in the downloadable package)

Upon receipt of the application package, this will be reviewed upon, to make sure the eligibility criterions are met. If eligibility is met, your membership application will be presented at the next NASIMCO Conference and therefore we request that the application package be provide
on a timeline in order to be included in the application of the Conference Agenda.

The Conference shall decide on a simple majority of the delegates present, to accept or refuse the application.

All the information received by NASIMCO are maintained in confidentiality and only for internal and compliance use.

We look forward to seeing your Center join the NASIMCO family.

If you need any further clarification with regards to new membership application, please do not hesitate to contact us.