What We do

Worldwide Relief

NASIMCO strives to be a leader in worldwide aid deployment. We do this by creating a meaningful and mutually beneficial collaboration of existing network and resources.

We work hard to develop streamlined processes and procedures which will allow efficiencies of scale and scope.

Centre of Islamic Learning

Recognizing the need to promote Islamic learning through multiple channels, CIL’s mandate is to deliver on NASIMCO Faith Empowerment Platform by facilitating Islamic Learning at all levels in the Community

NASIMCO’s Centre of Islamic Learning (CIL) aims to bridge
the gap between schools and madrasah.

Leadership Development Program

The primary aim of the Leadership Develop Program is to develop leadership capacity across Muslim communities in North America.

The overall goal of the Leadership Development (LDP) program is for individuals and leaders to achieve personal growth. This is achieved by enhancing their values and creating greater alignment between self, social relationships, and the community.

Women & Seniors Desk

The Ladies and Seniors Desk was formed in July 2019 with a purpose of providing a platform to women across North America to come together for various religious, social and recreational activities.

The focus is to reach out to the Ladies group and committees of different communities to create a network for sharing ideas and to inspire and encourage them for participating in the programs and initiatives of the Ladies and Seniors Desk.

NASIMCO Youth Network

The NASIMCO Youth Network strives to engage youths from
various members across North America. Our goals are to enhance leadership skills and develop networking ties among the various Member Jamaats youths under the NASIMCO banner.