Centre of Islamic Learning

Supporting the Madaris

CIL’s primary objective is to support madaris in North America.
The support provided includes adoption and implementation of the learner centered Tarbiyah Curriculum developed by World Federation Madrasa Center of Excellence as well as Quran curriculum support.

We offer training programs for teachers to become certified Tarbiyah curriculum teachers, as well as Teacher Skills Program trainings to expose madrasah teachers who may not have education professional background to teaching skills that can make them more effective madrasah teachers.

CIL is creating an infrastructure of madrasah admins and teachers across North America, with a system of communication and support that serves as a resource for them in their efforts to further Islamic education in their communities. This is done via communication platforms, periodic Webinars and Retreats, and inter-madaris competitions.

Madaris Empowerment

CIL Offers 3 distinct programs to expose teachers to a student-centered philosophy. which promotes students to be active participants in the classroom. These are the Teacher Skills and Tools Program, Neuropsychology of Learning Program and Tarbiya Curriculum Training.

Mimber Enhancement

CIL’s vision is to enhance the mimber experience by holding Faith Empowerment Symposia and Retreats, Developing a Speakers Forum Database to enable Scholars to share content and research and working closely with the LDP team to develop Capacity of Reciters and Preacher. Click here to read the

Academic Engagement

Supporting Chaplaincy Units in North American Universities. Encouraging Students to take up Post Graduate Islamic Studies in North American Universities, retreats Facilitating intellectual for enhancing religious knowledge

Interfaith and Intra Faith Activities

Supporting and enabling members and grassroots efforts in Interfaith and Interfaith Activities. CIL aims to enable the creation of a Research Institute for religious guidance and to enable the Creation of Resource Centers across North America