Women & Seniors Desk

Platform to Connect

The Ladies and Seniors Desk was formed in July 2019 with a purpose of providing a platform to women across North America to come together for various religious, social and recreational activities. The focus is to reach out to the Ladies group and committees of different communities to create a network for sharing ideas and to inspire and encourage them for participating in the programs and initiatives of the Ladies and Seniors Desk.

The appreciation of our participants motivates us to organize further events and programs that would bring together our communities. We will continue our efforts to collaborate with community groups and seek opportunities to come up with further initiatives for our Ladies and Seniors.

Month of Ramadan Puppet Show

One such initiative was the programs for women and families in the month of Ramadan conducted by renowned Zakiras. Special attention was given to the interests of children and puppet shows were included in the program.

Az-Zahra Women’s Camp

Nasimco’s most popular event The Az-Zahra camp now falls under the Ladies and Seniors Desk and continues to be one of most successful event.

Shia Match Making

The Shia Match Making is another event that was very much appreciated by the participants as it provided them the opportunity to meet with families from our larger community.


Nasimco is collaborating with various Jamaats for their programs and one amongst them was the Spirit in Leadership Woman’s Conference by ISIJ.