Youth Leadership Retreat

The 7th Annual NASIMCO Youth Leadership Retreat took place in Florida in September, 2016. Participants identified issues and topics they are passionate about ranging from mental health and stigma to building a welcoming atmosphere in communities. The retreat ended with participants building an action plan. This inspired participants to go home and do their part to ignite meaningful change.

Youths are the future leaders of our community that will enrich our community’s future and increase the potential of our youth to serve the community and humanity.

NASIMCO’s Youth Retreats create a space for dialogue and self-reflection and inspire youths to become socially conscious and confident ripples of change in their local and global communities.

The 2017 retreat will take place in Edmonton, Canada.   The retreat will be focused on not only building social and political leadership within the community but in society as well.

The retreat will focus on three spheres: developing your inner-self, building your connection with others and nurturing an inclusive community & society.

Our communities are requested to demonstrate their support by:

Actively encouraging 2-4 youth to attend the 2017 Retreat as their local representatives.

Providing financial sponsorship for attendee’s camp fees and flights as an incentive.

Identifying how the communities will support the youth in implementing any ideas when they return home.

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Youth Leadership Retreat 2016