Chaplaincy Achievements by the Numbers


 Training sessions delivered to institutions on an Introduction to Islam


occassions when this work was featured in media outlets


Unique individuals counseled on average every month

Chaplaincy Activities

The establishment of the Shia Chaplaincy at the Islamic Center at New York University a is a groundbreaking step for the greater Muslim community. And due to the location, in the heart of New York City, the position serves as tool to represent the entire Shia community in New York and be an ambassador of the Ahlul Bayt regionally, and across the country.

This program will provide powerful avenues and opportunities for the growing Shia community across North America while connecting to compassionate religious scholarship and exploration within a supportive environment.

In addition to the presence of mosques and hussainiyas regionally that cater toward the Shia community, there is a necessity to build institutions that work beyond their scope: political engagement, media outreach, making inroads into academia and catering toward the revert/convert population–all which this unique position serves.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Faiyaz Jaffer, the responsibilities of the position are in four main dimensions: spiritual & pastoral care, diverse religious programming & services, political engagement and outreach into a variety of different avenues.

Spiritual Reflections: A blog by Shaikh Faiyaz Jaffer

Every day is a new, unique opportunity, gifted to us by our All-Merciful Creator. For most of us, we do not see today as the blessing that it really is. We, as a human being, live life as a routine; the morning has a routine, the afternoon has a routine, and our evening has a routine. Though life throws us curveballs, generally our lives are stagnant. 

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