NASIMCO Volunteers in Qum, Iran

The days are so fast that it appears the only time we have an opportunity to write is at the airport.  We had the pleasure of Razak Damani and his wife join us as well.  It is with great sadness we are departing our Imam Ridha (as). We were fortunate to make it for Jumma upon our arrival and it was fairly busy that day as it was the last Friday of the year, nouroozi.    The weather seemed like spring and flowers could be seen. My friend’s visa was delayed and originally his Ziyarat of Imam Ridha(as) was going to be cancelled.  However, through prayers and Furquan’s assistance,  the possibility to squeeze the volunteer with an immediate flight to go to Mashad was possible alhamdullilah.  The adventure of meeting him back in Qom was, with the rest of the volunteers, a great relief for everyone.

As we arrived in holy Qum, all the volunteers frantically scurried to make it to Jamkaran along with the Labbayak group.

In Jamakaran, the mosque was glittering like a star on earth as the rain fell reflecting off from the marble floor. The night ended with a late dinner and much needed but short sleep.  Visiting our beloved holy Masuma Qum (as) made us feel a great spiritual ascension towards Allah.  It seemed so much easier to touch and the Ziyarat was so peaceful.  I could feel the presence of a heavenly atmosphere and so many great scholars are buried around her. Our next journey which we have been all longing and awaiting is Shaam.

Fi amaanillah
Written by Mohsin Najarali (NASIMCO Volunteer)