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NASIMCO is working with WF-AID and other charities on the ground to provide immediate relief to those affected by the tragic earthquake this past Monday.

Hospitals, emergency crews and rescue operations are overwhelmed after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Southern Turkey on Monday morning at 4:17 AM. As the number of injured continue to rise, your support is needed to provide critical aid at this most dire time.

Our brothers and sisters need immediate assistance. Will you answer their call?

Please give what you can in this difficult time.

Cheques in Canada can be mailed to:
9200 Dufferin Street, PO Box 20078, Toronto, ON, Canada, L4K 0C0

e-transfers can be made to [email protected].

Cheques in the US can be mailed to
PO Box 29692, 6120 Brooklyn Blvd B, Minneapolis, MN 55429.