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NASIMCO/SIJNY small business webinar

Tune in tonight for the NASIMCO/SIJNY small business webinar.

The team has done extensive research to bring to you a tremendous amount of resources & tips to survive in this challenging market.

Some of the questions submitted that will be answered LIVE are listed below

  • How large will the payments be?
  • How do I know if I will get the full amount?
  • Do college students get anything?
  • What year’s income should I be looking at?
  • What if my recent income made me ineligible, but I anticipate being eligible because of a loss of income in 2020? Do I get a payment?
  • Will I have to apply to receive a payment?
  • When will the payment arrive?
  • Will self employed and freelancers receive a payment?
  • Will eligible unemployed people get these stimulus payments?

Many other small business resources and advice available