Official Statement Oct 6

NASIMCO strongly condemns attack on Shia mosque in Pakistan

NASIMCO strongly condemns the October 5th suicide bombing at a Shia mosque in Pakistan where at least 20 people have been killed, including 5 children.
We remain cognizant of the fact that these were not just mere statistics but people with hopes and dreams just like any of us. They were people who went to the mosque on a Thursday night but never made it home. There is no doubt these innocent lives met an untimely death.
Being the month of Muharrum, this tragedy reminds of certain parallels with the trials and tribulations that faced our beloved ahlulbayt. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this atrocious and unfathomable act of violence.
NASIMCO praises the security guard outside the mosque that prevented larger casualties by giving his own life to stop the suicide bomber from entering the mosque.
NASIMCO is deeply concerned for the safety and security of Shia Muslims in places like Pakistan where they are undoubtedly, a principle target of violence enacted by extremists.
NASIMCO is against all forms of sectarian violence and calls for greater protection of Shia Muslims living in at risk places.
As the Shia mourning period continues into November and will continue to attract large crowds to Shia mosques, we call upon the government of Pakistan to take immediate action and take stronger measures to protect its Shia minority.

We pray that we can live in a world where a person can go to a religious place of worship without risk of being killed.