Pakistan Floods

In 2010, heavy monsoon rainfall in northwest Pakistan caused catastrophic floods in different rivers resulting in more than 1170 deaths and displacing thousands of families. In the worst-affected areas, entire villages have been washed. Over 3 million people were affected and forecasters predicted more rain in the upcoming days. This is the worst flooding in more than 80 years in Pakistan.

The World Federation worked with the Hussaini Foundation to provide urgent immediate relief to the displaced victims. The Hussaini Foundation sent out many food parcels to the victims. Click on the link above to read the full report.

NASIMCO was deeply distraught and concerned about the devastation and loss of lives and strongly appeals to all donors to donate generously. Through generous donations, we were able to make a great impact on the lives of all those who have lost not only their homes and their livelihood but also their loved ones.