NASIMCO Az-Zahra Camp 2016 Report

There was no looking back; this years retreat comprised of 38 participants and 6 dedicated volunteers. The journey began the moment campers jumped onto the bus after Jum’ah on Friday, May 27, 2016.

Upon reaching the Ecology Retreat Centre, the campers were well received by an official welcome team followed by an orientation and a couple of ice breakers conducted by the camp officials and retreat organizers.

The first night provided for a beautiful starlit night and everyone enjoyed the guided star gazing session. Early morning yoga and hikes were quite popular with most except those who chose to sleep in.

Intense lectures began after breakfast with some very thought provoking topics and thinking sessions were conducted by our 2 esteemed speakers Sr. Masuma Jaffer of London and Sr. Nicole Correri of Hartford Seminary.

Topics covered were Remembering and Renewing Our Covenant, Prophetic Contemplation and Meditation by Sr. Nicole.

Sr. Masuma did practical meditation sessions before salaat and her topics were Knowing yourself through Mind and Emotions, Time and Unconsciousness, Pain and Relationships.

Campers enjoyed a lovely swim in the afternoon in an outdoor tarpaulin swimming pool. A huge bonfire at night provided the background to “popcorn prayer” which was very well done.

Exiting the campsite the next afternoon came too soon for most and almost everyone who filled their evaluation said that they would like the next retreat to be an extra day.

And so the ride back home was filled with everyone chattering away with their new found friendships.