Capacity building

Capacity Buillding by the Numbers


Donated to as-Sadiq Islamic School to subsidize school fees


Donated to Wali-ul Asr Islamic School to purchased educational software


Of participants in our Teachers Skills & Tools program find it helps make Islamic education more engaging & meaningful

Statistical reports show that the North American communities are lacking Human Resources to be able to carry out community projects and engage at various levels of the community. This program serves the largest and most valuable asset of our community “Our People” that enrich our institutions to run effectively.

NASIMCO has taken a lead on the development of the Capacity Building agenda in partnership with the World Federation. The vision is to “Unlock the potential of individuals to serve the community and humanity”.

The foundation of these programs is that every person has value and is worth investing. The program seeks to encourage growth, to create positive, vibrant, value based individuals across our communities as they work and live to serve community or humanity in whatever means they can as youth, as spouses, as families, as parents and as seniors.

Centre of Islamic Learning Key Concepts

Connecting our community members with each other

Spotting and developing talents in the community.

Ensuring the developmental needs of the Families; Seniors, Women and Youth of our community are being met

Promoting our community’s rich heritage

Developing the capacity of individuals and organisations that make up our community

The Capacity Building program can be tailored for target groups, for example, youths, volunteers, working groups, teachers, sub-committees, women, couples, or independent participants.