CIL – Madaris Empowerment

CIL Offers four distinct programs to expose teachers to a student-centered philosophy. which promotes students to be active participants in the classroom. The courses are designed to empower teachers to learn skills and tools to better manage a classroom and create effective lessons using the understanding of multiple intelligences. Please download our brochure for the teacher development programs available through NASIMCO.

Teacher Skills and Tools Program

This program aims to provide teachers with practical skills and tools that follow current teaching methodologies to bridge the gap between School and Madrasah. It provides strategies to appeals to the generation Z students by making the learning relevant. It emphasizes the behavior differences between the Student vs Teacher centered approach to learning.  Teachers experience hands-on learning as well as application of the learning so that they may be able to take it in to the next class.  Resources from the field of teaching are provided to the teachers for future use as aids to lesson planning.  Teachers prepare interactive and engaging lesson plans using the knowledge of multiple intelligences. The program provides tips and techniques to effectively manage behavior and ways to build relationship with students by using emotional intelligence skills.

The program is designed by professional teachers who bring a wealth of their experience from the classroom as well as a development focus for the madrasah teacher.

TST Program have been run in the following Regions.  See reports from the programs.Seattle, WA
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
Brampton, ON
London, ON
Minnesota, MN
Edmonton, AB
Vancouver, BC


“The excitement I sensed from the teachers at the end showed me how valuable all that effort was.  I got an e-mail from a teacher requesting to buy some new supplies so that she could try new things out – I happily approved that!  Another teacher has paired a slower Qur’an student with another peer who he looks up to – It’s the new tools and ideas that teachers got that I believe will help them a lot going forward.  Knowing that kids learn in different ways and mixing up instruction are some of the things that will make a big difference for them.”

“Absolutely fantastic!  Fun, practical, engaging and touched on many notes”.  

“Realized that my perception of a successful class and what successful classes are quite different!”

“First time it was student oriented and you went through the teaching showing us how it’s done practically instead of just telling us how.”

“The seminar was empowering for both young and veteran teachers. The teachers were inspired to teach using contemporary methods that are conducive to learning.” 

I gained valuable tools and practical steps that will help me, not only teach, but also in my personal life.”

“Connecting the dots from instructional to practical was amazing.”

“We know that as volunteers we don’t always have the answers to many questions at the Madrasah. Last weekend you helped us close the gap.”

Neuropsychology of Learning Program (NPL)

This is a leading edge program designed by a professional in the field of Psychology, Susan Nash, and customized to benefit the Institution of Madrasah worldwide.  The primary Goal of the program is to enhance teacher effectiveness by providing teachers with an understanding of core needs and communication style to effectively motivate and engage students.  It provides insight into stressors that can affect a student’s learning environment that results in behavior issues and how best to manage the stress.  The program encourages the use of the strengths model to motivate and engage teachers and students.

The first day of the program is focused on the Teachers to understand their core needs and communication styles using the theory of temperaments and interaction styles. The second day provides an application of the learning in the Madrasah and strategies to use in the classroom to increase engagement.

Sixteen facilitators from across North America underwent intensive 8 days of training by Susan Nash and are now certified to conduct this training.

NPL Programs have been run in the following Regions.  See reports from the programs.

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

Brampton, ON

London, ON

Minnesota, MN

Edmonton, AB

Vancouver, BC


“This program allowed me to understand myself as well as those around me.”

“The activities were meaningful and gave opportunity to reflect and develop self.”

“As a teacher I will adjust to teaching to all different temperaments.”

“The hands-on activities helped me apply and understand the concept to a full capacity.  I found myself visualizing my students and my kids”

“This allowed me to critically analyze my role as a teacher and explore different ideas and ways to teach effectively”

“Excellent organization and coordination between facilitators. Wonderful flow to the program”

I will apply immediately to my role as a teacher: “communicating with my children in their individualized level so that they may gain comfort and a boost of confidence”

Tarbiya Curriculum Training

Click, Chat and Connect Webinars

CIL NASIMCO has been offering these webinar since September 2015 and has been able to assist in the on-going development of the Madaris Teacher Development Needs.

The webinars are advertised to Madrasah Principals, who then passed on the information to appropriate teachers.

All courses are conducted through GoToTraining- an online webinar program.  This program was chosen after a lot of research and trial workshops. The online programs were chosen for the following reasons

  • Allows participants to be actively engaged in the workshop
  • Allows participants to view a PowerPoint presentation in real time
  • Allows participant ask questions and have discussions with the facilitators and other participants

Madaris are encouraged to take advantage of these programs as it is fully supported with resources and highly subsidized.  The actual cost of the on-site 2 day programs in the corporate sector would amount to $1000 a day.
CIL will cover the full cost of the facilitators at your location.  The Madaris are expected to provide a venue, accommodation for the facilitators and food at the venue.  If additional support is required by the Madaris for the training, CIL will address this on a case by case basis.   There are many benefits to attending online courses:

  • Teachers can participate in professional development from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Teachers can network with other teachers across North America.
  • The online workshops are offered free of charge to the madaris
  • The topics chosen were very relevant to Madrasah teachers and gave them tools that they implement right away
  • Teachers can participate in more professional development throughout the year independently, rather than wait for their own madaris to plan one.

“The information provided was very helpful. I learned how formative assessment is engaging the students more and can make the class very interactive.”

“ Very engaging and giving everyone equal attention. MashaAllah!!”

“Excellent facilitation. They complement each other very well and I pray for success for them in their contribution to our madrasah system and in their personal lives”.

“You guys were amazing! Your flow, content and delivery was very helpful alhamdulillah. Thank you for helping me out!”

“It was absolutely great and done very professionally”

“Precise and interesting. Well conducted by sister Sophia and sister Salma. JazakAllah .”