Faith Empowerment Symposium Report

In March 2016, NASIMCO held a three-day Faith Empowerment Symposium, “Connects and Disconnects of the Mimbar”.

The buzz at the Az-Zahra Center in Vancouver was undeniably clear as participants postulated on how to enhance the mimber experience.   Members of the Vancouver Community were joined by distinguished religious scholars, academics and Community leaders from across North America for the three-day faith empowerment symposium, “Connects and Disconnects of the Mimber”.  The event ran from March 3rd to 5th, 2017 and was organized by the Centre of Islamic Learning (CIL), the faith empowerment strand of NASIMCO.  Click the report icon to read the full report including the symposium findings.

“The Mimber is a Means not an End. What needs to be Redefined is our Mindset”