Who are we

Who We Are

NASIMCO was established in 1980 as a Shia Ithna-Asheri umbrella organization to unify North American Jamaats and provide the following services


NASIMCO's vision is to provide a common structure and framework to meet the religious, cultural and social needs of the Shia within its area of operations


NASIMCO's mission is to harness talents and resources available in member communities for the greater good of global humanity and our communities.

Where we are going

NASIMCO's vision for the future is based on the active engagement of the local North American community and the Shia diaspora globally.

Our action plan seeks to position NASIMCO as:
A leader in aid deployment through
- A meaningful and mutually beneficial collaboration of existing network and resources, and - Development of streamlined processes and procedures which will allow efficiencies of scale and scope.

An active player in alleviating poverty through programs such as:
-Skill building and training
- Entrepreneurial and employment coaching

A unifying parent organization dedicated to meeting needs of the growing member jamaats through integration, resource sharing, and capacity building


Who are We - Official Video

Who are We - Official Video