Yemen Appeal 2015

There is a major humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Recent events led to hundreds of people killed and many more injured.  Thousands fled their homes and are struggling to find basic necessities, such as food, water, and shelter.

Out of the population of over 20million in Yemen, nearly 1,000 are Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri’s.  Many have lived there for years.  They are at risk of losing everything, including their homes and businesses.

In 2015, World Health Organisation indicated that since March 19, 2015, more than 700 civilians have been killed and more than 2,900 injured.

The situation continues to worsen day by day. The UN high commissioner for human rights has already warned that Yemen is “on the verge of total collapse”.

There is an acute shortage of drinking water, food, and habitable shelter. Families are facing difficulties in obtaining basic essential, such as food and they have to do with what little is available.  With the number of casualties increasing daily, hospitals too are struggling to cope.

In 2015, NASIMCO launched an emergency appeal to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the current conflict in Yemen.  Through community support and donations, we were able to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it most – food, water, and shelter are the most important.