Tarbiyah Training Report

An international team of individuals volunteered
to come together to take on a high demand, 3-
day training of the Tarbiyah Curriculum created
by the Madrassah Centre of Excellence in

conjunction with Centre of Islamic Learning-

Held in the Mulla Asghar Resource Centre (MARC) at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, the Tarbiyah Train the
Trainer Program took place from April 13th to April 15th, 2018. NASIMCO is grateful for the extraordinary team of MARC,
ISIJ of Toronto – Secretariat and the volunteers who made things happen at a blink of an eye!
The buzz was running high as the first day descended upon us and the guests began to arrive.
Registration was key to ensure that all were in attendance.
With 25 participants, 2 facilitators, Br. Ally Nasser and Sr. Zohra Tejani and
the Head of MCE, Br. Naushad Mehrali, the opening ceremonies began.
NASIMCO President, Razak Damani, was present at the event with
encouraging remarks. The CIL-NASIMCO Lead, Br. Riyaaz Jivraj made his way
down from Orlando to see firsthand what the training entails and be available for any questions.
What does Tarbiyah mean? Islam is a religion that emphasizes the importance of peoples’ development and learning in
various aspects. A word from the Arabic language that can be used to describe development, and growth is ‘Tarbiyah’.
What is Tarbiyah training? It is a training developed to equip the Madrassah teacher with the skills on how to deliver the
new Tarbiyah Curriculum designed by the Madrassah Centre of Excellence in partnership with CIL-NASIMCO.
The Tarbiyah curriculum contains attractive illustrations and specific teaching tools, designed to bring life to the usual
day at Madrassah. The intention of this curriculum is to engage teachers and students of all ages to enjoy being a part of
and learning at Madrassah. With the Tarbiyah Curriculum being implemented in Madaris around the world, it will be a
support to the families when it comes time to move, as the children will continue where they left off, at the next

The first day of training began with an introduction to the curriculum
covering all ages. It was a detailed and intense first day of training.

Participants were then divided into 2 areas where they were
provided more specific teaching tools to focus on the
curriculum for that specific age group.
Here are some thoughts shared by the participants:
“The Tarbiyah Training program was truly an eye-opening experience where we gained the opportunity to understand,
observe and perform the exceptional and outstanding new curriculum. Not only did I learn skills and methods that
would benefit Madaris, these also have had a great impact on my daily and professional life too!”
“The 3-day programme in Toronto paved the way for a network of advocates for the Tarbiyah curriculum and laid the
foundations to ensure successful delivery of a strong, contemporary and highly relevant approach that aims to prepare
the young people of our community to be secure followers of the Ahlul bait.”
To spite the challenges of an ice storm, the participants must be commended for their commitment to take on the
responsibility of training the Madaris of the NASIMCO Member Jamaats across North America. The 3-day event ended
with a finale evening to include presentations by the President of NASIMCO to the participants and the MCE team with
RIyaaz Jivraj closing the training. We cannot forget the last scrumptious dinner!

“This was my first exposure to the Tarbiyah curriculum and it was
mind-blowing to learn of the amount of effort, time, and
collaboration that went into creating each individual lesson from
individuals’ worldwide. The quality of the lessons reflects that.”
“Our community is excited about the opportunity to implement
the new curriculum. InshAllah, our children, families and
community will reap benefits in the short, medium and long