Beyond Ashura
Safar 1440\October 2018

Over the course of the next few days and weeks, people from different pockets of the world will align their hearts and their souls to the land which was once barren, deserted, and drenched with the blood of the Master of Martyrs. The focal point of love will be on Karbala, and while millions will begin to make the sacred journey to visit their Imam, millions of others will spiritually transmit themselves within the confines of that blessed land. The days of the Ziyarat al-Arbaeen are upon us, days which are demonstrations of loyalty, identity and allegiance to the son of God’s Messenger (s).

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What Does it Mean to be Husayni?

When the crescent is sighted marking the first of the sacred month of Muharram, a veil of intense grief overcomes our hearts, blinding us from every reality other than the man who stood alone in Karbala. It’s as if we can feel the pain of the family of the Prophet…hear the cries of the children…and bear a thread of the patience of Zaynab. But alas, as the days and nights pass, and we approach the day of Ashura, and the tragedies build up to the 10th day…we are heartbroken with the fact that our master, Imam Hussain, was butchered in the most horrific of manners.

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Tarbiyah Training Report

An international team of individuals volunteered to come together to take on a high demand, 3- day training of the Tarbiyah Curriculum created by the Madrassah Centre of Excellence in conjunction with Centre of Islamic Learning- NASIMCO. (CIL-NASIMCO) Held in the Mulla Asghar Resource Centre (MARC) at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, the Tarbiyah … Read more

Reflections by Sheikh Faiyaz Jaffer: Dhul Qa’dah Reflections

The month of Dhal Qa’dah is the 11th month of the Islamic calendar and the first of the “sacred months” as mentioned within the Holy Qur’an. Traditions point to this month being an opportunity for the believers to have their supplications answered and when ones’ seeking of repentance should be intensified. According to historian reports, … Read more

Reflections by Sheikh Faiyaz Jaffer: The month of Shabaan

The month of Shabaan coincides with numerous occasions which celebrate the births, and by extension, the legacy of the family of God’s greatest creation, Prophet Muhammad (s). Amongst the personalities that are celebrated are the heroes of Karbala (Imam Hussain, Abu Fadl al-Abbas, and Imam al-Sajjaad), and on the 15th of this blessed month, the … Read more

#WomenInIslam Farheen Rizvi

Sr. Farheen Rizvi spent many evenings under the clear night sky outside her mosque in Shah-e-Mardan Kerbala in New Delhi, India, listening to the Maulana’s speeches about the Ahlulbayt (A.S.). It was during these moments that her bond with science, spacecraft exploration and the Ahlulbayt (A.S.) was deepened. Her budding interest in this field enticed … Read more


“And surely with the remembrance of God, do the hearts find rest.” (13:28)        I have a lot of conversations with unique individuals on a daily basis—many of whom have challenges maintaining a sense of “equilibrium” with their spirituality. It’s important to understand that this is not a problem that you have, but its something which we all happen to struggle with, … Read more

Reflections by Shaikh Faiyaz Jaffer: al Asr

Every day is a new, unique opportunity, gifted to us by our All-Merciful Creator. For most of us, we do not see today as the blessing that it really is. We, as a human being, live life as a routine; the morning has a routine, the afternoon has a routine, and our evening has a … Read more

Centre of Islamic Learning – Orlando

Teacher Skills Program – Orlando The weekend of January 13-14, 2018, the Center of Islamic Learning of  NASIMCO achieved a milestone in conjunction with the Madrasah Centre of Excellence of the World Federation. A Teachers Skills Program was Held in Orlando for the Madrasah teachers of the IEC Academy. The head of NASIMCO’s Center of … Read more

Building Strong Families

Building Strong Families with Sr. Marzia Hassan “You presume you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe.  Your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it.  Your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it.”  With these deep thoughts from Imam Ali (a.s.), Sr. Marzia Hassan … Read more

7th Annual Qur’an Camp

When my mother told me that she had signed me up to work as a counselor at the annual Summer Quran Camp, that takes place at Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, I was very hesitant and slightly nervous; I had no idea what to expect. Would I be able to handle a room full of … Read more

Rohingya Emergency Appeal Update

We would like to thank all the donors who have generously contributed to NASIMCO’s Rohingya Emergency Appeal.  To date, we have raised $59,641 Canadian and $2680 US. As a result of the generosity of so many concerned individuals, we have been able to provide 1145 families with food packages that will feed them for one … Read more


Zaid Al-Rawni, the CEO of Islamic Relief Canada speaks about his experiences during his recent visit to Myanmar Dear all, Asalamu alaikum There is a point in Northern Rakhine state where the Naf river narrows and on the other side Bangladesh looks deceptively close. For days thousands of Muslims have been running to this point, … Read more